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Narviplastx Industrial Plastics


Narviplastx is the "Industrial Plastics" department of the Narviflex Group. We help you from the 5 Narviflex locations in the Benelux :

  • Geel (B)
  • Ghent (B)
  • Grâce-Hollogne (B)
  • Venlo (NL)
  • Drachten (NL)

In our factory in Geel we stock the semi-finished products (sheets, rods, hollow rodes, etc.), which you can purchase as a whole or as sawn pieces.

Both in Geel and in Ghent, we have CNC machining centers, to make your plastic pieces from a CAD plan or model.

In addition to the semi-finished and machined parts, we have a line that we call "Smart Plastics", ready-made plastic solutions, to make your production "smarter" or safer.

Meet our favorite engineering plastics (for machine building, turning / milling): HMPE, POM and PA.
Or you need to be able to weld the plastics quickly and you are looking for a chemically highly resistant material: PP.

You want to use transparent materials: PC, PETG and PMMA.

Glass-fiber reinforced plastics are strong, light and highly corrosion-resistant: GRP walkways, GRP safety gates. Or you want to install Collision Protection.
Our parent company Narviflex is a specialist in PUR and RUBBER. Buy from us from their large stock and processing options.